Throughout the creation of Blush there were several ideals that I wanted to uphold, both professionally and personally.

  • Passion- I wanted to feel passionate about something.  I started my early thirties wondering if it was possible for me to be passionate about anything.  It scared me; I was comfortable being mediocre at everything which left me feeling guilty and unfulfilled.
  • Learning- I was a teacher because I truly love to learn.  I am being challenged by the business world, which is the farthest thing away from the nurturing structure that I provided in my classroom.
  • Foster Creative Energy:  I have never considered myself to be creative, but this new endeavor has really fostered creativity within me that I have never experienced.
  • Break the Mold:  Provide something different than the typical bridal experience. My goal with Blush is to shift the norm of the bridal gown buying experience.  Girls dream about buying their wedding gowns their whole lives.  My personal experiences included plenty of stuffiness, pressure, and lacking the atmosphere that every bride desires….fun.
  • Motivation for this Average Girl:  I want to challenge myself and create motivation.  I want to be an inspiration for people who are down on their luck and are waiting for someone else to change their life for them.
  • Role Model:  I want my boys, John, and my family to be proud of me.  I believe that by starting Blush I will be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend and citizen.  I don’t doubt that there will be a lot of tough times up ahead, but I hope to come through them with newfound knowledge and courage for the next hurdle.